This is a short list of questions that I am frequently asked regarding the courses.  If your question is not answered below, please use the Contact tab to send me your question.

Does the sequence of courses matter?  I.e., do courses build on previous (lower numbered) courses?

No, the sequence does not matter.  Essential material from previous courses is repeated.

I missed taking the class live.  When are you going to teach another live class?

Once a course is completed and recorded, a live class won’t be taught until the exam/textbook changes.  While most students request to take a live class so they can ask questions and to provide structure.   I have tried to accommodate both of those issues by allowing students to email me questions and providing an eight week course outline.  Based upon feedback from other students, the ability to watch course material “on-demand” actually works better as students can review the material as many times as they need to understand the concepts presented.

You had mentioned the book and the flashcards, how to I go about purchasing those?  Are they available on or through your website, or directly from another source?   I am assuming having the book is essential to taking the courses.

Yes, the textbook is essential if you are planning on taking the exam. To order your textbooks please visit The Institutes website at http://www.theinstitutes.org/program/associate-risk-management-arm#shop.

Is their a timeline for completion of the on-line courses, i.e. must complete within so many weeks?

I recommend that you try to complete each course in 8 weeks, just to provide structure. Some people read and take the exam in four weeks, others in six months.  It just depends on your work schedule and study habits.  As for taking the exam, that is scheduled with The Institutes and can be done in testing windows throughout the year.  There is no time frame to complete all the courses.  Some people have taken five years to complete.

How is the testing managed?   Is it simply on-line?   Is there a timeline for completion after the last course is viewed?

The Institutes manages the testing and exam schedule/pricing.  It is a computer-based exam with 65 questions in which you have two hours to complete.  There is no time requirement that you take the exam after taking my course, as you can take the exam by reading the text.  Some people take the test within two weeks of my course ending and others wait six months.  I also cover this material at both the beginning and end of the courses.