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ARM™ 55 Subscriber

 Thank you for subscribing to the ARM™ 55 course.  This is a secure website and you only have access to those courses in which you have subscribed.

The course was designed to be completed in ten weeks with the primary purpose of providing structure to those who are studying on their own.  As you will notice in the table below, the course material has been divided by week to help provide that structure.  I have some students review the course material in 10 days and others take 10 months, the idea is for students to study at a pace that works for them.

Each week consists of the slidedeck, supporting material, and a link to the webinar recording via YouTube.  For those who travel and do not have regular internet access, please contact me at ucarmstudygroup@gmail.com to request the recording file.


Week Chapter Slidedeck Supporting Material Webinar Recording
Week 1 Chapter 1  Chapter 1  Chapter 1 Q&A   https://youtu.be/bNX0xiq6p9U
Week 2 Chapter 2 & 3  Chapter 2 and 3  Chapter 2 and 3 Q&A  https://youtu.be/ZGGLrX-4YCM
Week 3 Chapter 4  Chapter 4  Chapter 4 Q&A  https://youtu.be/RD7YEDLUPFI
Week 4 Chapter 5  Chapter 5  Chapter 5 Q&A  https://youtu.be/UoMhKTYm75k
Week 5 Chapter 6  Chapter 6  Chapter 6 Q&A  https://youtu.be/S5mC7A9uG2s
Week 6 Chapter 7 & 8  Chapters 7 and 8  Chapter 8 Q&A  https://youtu.be/h9RmPDS_IFM
Week 7 Chapter 9  Chapter 9  Chapter 9 Q&A  https://youtu.be/tvHqwbZ3NFg
Week 8 Chapter 10  Chapter10  Chapter 10 Q&A  https://youtu.be/fO0guj6oPrk
Week 9 Chapter 11  Chapter 11  Chapter 11 Q&A  https://youtu.be/RfAvZLj_Da8
Week 10 Course Review  Course Review  https://youtu.be/0KwAVijHFuo