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ARM™ 400

The ARM™ 400 course material is intended to help students study for the exam as part of an eight week study plan.  Course material includes a webinar recording, slidedeck, and any other supporting material for each class session.

Topics covered:

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Risk Management Today
  • Environment and Culture
  • Performance and Process Management
  • Risk Governance
  • Managing Risk Data
  • Internal Audit and Control
  • Compliance
  • Organizational Resiliency

The course fee is $99 for ARM™ 400 series courses, which includes access to webinar recordings and course material (this does not include the textbook for the course).  For more information on sponsoring this training for your organization, contact Erike at ucarmstudygroup@gmail.com.

To order your textbook, please visit The Institutes website at https://www.theinstitutes.org/program/associate-risk-management-arm#courses.

To access the ARM™ 400 course material, please click on the Course Registration tab.