Welcome to the Risk Management Study Group!!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE INSTITUTES:  All current courses (54, 55, 56) are being replaced with a new ARM™ 400 series.  You have until March 15, 2020 to complete your current ARM™ exams.  If you have not completed all the courses in the designation, you will receive credit for the ones you have completed toward the new ARM™ designation.

I am currently working on developing the training content for the ARM™ 400 series and it will be available for purchase as indicated below:

ARM™ 400 – January 9

ARM™ 401 – February 14

ARM™ 402 – March 13

The goal of this site is to promote professional development among risk management and safety professionals and to remove the barriers that prevent people from obtaining their ARM™ designation.  The most significant barriers are cost and and finding a class that fits with your schedule.  While a traditional classroom course can cost over $500, the Risk Management Study group is only $50 for each of the  ARM™ 54-56 courses and $100 for the ERM™ 57 course.  Best of all, you can access course materials 24/7 on demand via a  secure YouTube channel and/or download to your mobile device.

Please visit the Course Registration page to register and start your classes today.

Here is an example of a course recording:

About the ARM™ Designation

The ARM™ program teaches the in-depth knowledge needed to assess and respond to the numerous hazard risks your organization faces.  ARM™ helps you:

  • Build a strong foundation in the science of risk management
  • Gain practical skills to avoid, reduce, and manage risk
  • Learn to adapt those skills to meet changing needs
The following courses are required to earn the Associate in Risk Management (ARM™) designation:

ARM™ 54—Risk Management Principles and Practices
Risk Management Standards and Guidelines; Hazard, Operational, Financial, and Strategic Risk; Risk Identification, Analysis, and Treatment; Financial Statement Risk Analysis; Capital Investment

ARM™ 55—Risk Assessment and Treatment
Risk Assessment and Treatment; Root Cause Analysis; Business Continuity Management; Intellectual Property, Reputation, Legal, and Regulatory Risk; Management Liability; Environmental, Crime, Cyber, and Fleet Risk

ARM™ 56—Risk Financing
Risk Financing; Estimating and Transferring Hazard Risk; Self-Insurance Plans; Retrospective Rating Plans; Reinsurance; Captive Insurance; Contractual Risk Transfer; Transferring Financial and Hazard Risk