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PLEASE NOTE:  The Institutes have published the 3rd edition of the textbook.  Changes to the textbook are very minor (re-ordering of content, updated tables, etc..).  The webinar and supporting material is based on the 2nd edition, so some chapters may not completely align.  I will be hosting a live ARM 54 webinar class in mid-September and will upload the new material as part of that course. Registration information will be posted soon.

The ARM 54 course material is intended to help students study for the exam as part of a ten week study plan.  Course material includes a webinar recording, slidedeck, and any other supporting material for each class session.

Topics covered:
•Introduction to Risk Management
•Risk Management Standards and Guidelines
•Hazard Risk
•Operational, Financial, and Strategic Risk
•Risk Management Framework and Process
•Risk Identification
•Risk Analysis
•Risk Treatment
•Financial Statement Risk Analysis
•Capital Investment and Financial Risk
•Monitoring and Reporting on Risk

The course fee is $50 for ARM 54-56 courses, which includes access to webinar recordings and course material (this does not include the textbook for the course).  The subscription fee  is waived for all University of California employees and members of sponsoring organizations/chapters of ASSE and RIMS. Please check with your local chapter or employer to see if they are sponsoring the training. For more information on sponsoring this training, contact Erike at ucarmstudygroup@gmail.com.

To order your textbook, please visit The Institutes website at http://www.aicpcu.org/comet/programs/arm/arm54.htm.

For a subscription to the ARM 54 course material, please click on the Course Subscription tab.   Please note that your subscription may take up to 24 hours to process.