Welcome to the ARM Study Group!!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE INSTITUTES:  All current ARM courses (54, 55, 56) are being replaced with a new ARM 400 series that will begin on October 1.  You have until March 15, 2020 to complete your current ARM exams.  If you have not completed all the courses in the designation, you will receive credit for them for the new ARM designation.

The goal of this site is to promote professional development among risk management and safety professionals and to remove the barriers that prevent people from obtaining their ARM designation.  The most significant barriers are cost and and finding a class that fits with your schedule.  While a traditional classroom course can cost over $500, the ARM Study group is only $50 for each of the  ARM 54-56 courses and $100 for the ERM 57 course.  Best of all, you can access course materials 24/7 on demand via a  secure YouTube channel and/or download to your mobile device.

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Here is an example of a course recording:

About the ARM Designation

The ARM program teaches the in-depth knowledge needed to assess and respond to the numerous hazard risks your organization faces.  ARM helps you:

  • Build a strong foundation in the science of risk management
  • Gain practical skills to avoid, reduce, and manage risk
  • Learn to adapt those skills to meet changing needs
The following courses are required to earn the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation:

ARM 54—Risk Management Principles and Practices
Risk Management Standards and Guidelines; Hazard, Operational, Financial, and Strategic Risk; Risk Identification, Analysis, and Treatment; Financial Statement Risk Analysis; Capital Investment

ARM 55—Risk Assessment and Treatment
Risk Assessment and Treatment; Root Cause Analysis; Business Continuity Management; Intellectual Property, Reputation, Legal, and Regulatory Risk; Management Liability; Environmental, Crime, Cyber, and Fleet Risk

ARM 56—Risk Financing
Risk Financing; Estimating and Transferring Hazard Risk; Self-Insurance Plans; Retrospective Rating Plans; Reinsurance; Captive Insurance; Contractual Risk Transfer; Transferring Financial and Hazard Risk